SCWIST is seeking to fill three positions for two-year terms beginning June 2021. We will be seeking candidates with specific skill sets related to communications, volunteer management, fundraising and events.

Director Positions:

For the full list of Director positions, please see our website. Functional roles will be determined by the new board at the board retreat in July 2021. Current directors have priority if staying in their role, and the likely functional roles that will be available are listed below:

  • Fundraising: Leads the grants committee and the fundraising committee and manages grant applications, corporate partnerships, and donors
  • Volunteers: Leads the volunteer committee and manages scholarships and professional development opportunities
  • Events: Leads Events committee and organizes SCWIST’s events
  • Communications: Leads the Communications committee and manages SCWIST’s social media, newsletter, blogs, and press releases.


  • Time commitment: minimum 20 hours per month (but likely 25-40 given workload)
  • Ability to attend monthly board meetings (2-3 hours long)
  • Member of SCWIST
  • Ability to serve a minimum two-year term
  • Previous experience leading and managing volunteer teams, communications, fundraising and event management will be assets.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the strategic vision of the organization to assure its longevity
  • See the big picture and be responsible for the ownership and legitimacy of the organization within the community.
  • Monitor and be accountable to the membership and the community the organization serves for the effective delivery of the organization’s goals and objectives
  • Attend Board meetings, events, training sessions, and conferences on behalf of SCWIST as required
  • Monitor and take responsibility for any budgets assigned to your Board position, ensuring record-keeping is both accurate and accessible
  • Reply to emails in a prompt and professional manner
  • Keep a record of all hours and in-kind expenses spent on SCWIST, reporting these to the board on a monthly basis or as requested
  • Report to the membership at the AGM and any other formal SCWIST events as necessary
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the programs you have responsibility for based on membership satisfaction, value for money or any other relevant metric
  • Fulfil any other duties the Board or Executive Officers Committee determines to be within the scope, spirit and purpose of the role as appropriate at the time

Director Code of Conduct:

  • Act with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Demonstrate high standards of personal conduct
  • Value and respect fellow board members, contractors and members of the society
  • Work with the board to develop and encourage an environment which is supportive and empowering to all members.

Application Process:

Please fill out the following form by 11:59 PM on April 18, 2021 to be considered as an applicant.

A member of the SCWIST nomination committee will contact you to schedule an interview. Interviews will be held in the evenings beginning April 21 until April 30.