Oct 24-25:  Engendering Success in STEM (ESS) Consortium

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SCWIST was honoured to attend the third annual
ESS (Engendering Success in STEM) Symposium at UBC this past week. The symposium brought together universities, professional associations, science education institutions, non-profit change agents, and engineering and research agents to foster girls’ and women’s inclusion and success in STEM.

ESS is a collaborative research partnership that includes social scientists, STEM experts, and stakeholders in STEM industries and education. Using an evidence-based approach to break down the biases girls and women face on their pathways to success, the partnership has created four projects: Project CLIMB (Childhood: Changing the Learning of Implicit Math Biases), Project PRISM (Adolescence: Promoting Rising Inclusion and STEM Motivation), Project SINC (University: Shaping Inclusive Network Cultures), and Project RISE (Early Career: Realising Identity Safe Environments).

As one of the ESS change agents, SCWIST is involved with Project RISE.  Project RISE aims to create positive cultural change for women and men in science and engineering by:

  1.     Educating participants about implicit bias,
  2.     Fostering supportive and respectful interactions between men and women in the organization, and
  3.     Providing them with a clear understanding of how to combat bias.

 The depth and quality of the research being done, as well as the programs being developed to support these aims, are incredible. The programs highlight women’s untapped potential, equip women with strategies for coping with social identity threat, and empower men to become effective allies for equality. SCWIST is extremely proud to partner and collaborate with such a far-reaching and forward-thinking program. Read more about ESS here.

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