SCWIST Sponsors Bison Regional Science Fair in Manitoba: Igniting Curiosity and Innovation

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Dr. Anju Bajaj at three students stand in front of the Welcome to the Science Fair sign.

Science Fair Success

Written by Ashley PK, SCWIST Marketing Manager & Dr. Anju Bajaj, SCWIST-Manitoba Lead

The Bison Regional Science Fair, a platform for young scientific minds to explore their passions and showcase their ingenuity, recently concluded with a resounding success. 

Every year, over 500,000 young and inquisitive minds from across Canada immerse themselves in project-based science for their respective Regional Science Fairs. 

These young science enthusiasts, passionate about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), are the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in our country.

The Bison Regional Science Fair

Under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Anju Bajaj, who also serves as the SCWIST-Manitoba Lead, the 2023 Bison Regional Science Fair brought together hundreds of students from grades 4 to 12, who showcased more than 200 captivating science projects. 

Students set up their poster boards at the 2023 Bison Regional Science Fair.

Dr. Bajaj expressed her delight at the turnout, stating, “I am so happy with the community response. I wasn’t expecting such a huge success.”

The Bison Regional Science Fair aims to encourage students to develop skills related to the scientific method while celebrating their curiosity and fostering innovation. The participants competed in various categories, and several outstanding projects earned the opportunity to advance and participate in prestigious competitions at the national and international levels.

Exceptional and Innovative Projects

One of the remarkable projects that emerged from the Bison Regional Science Fair was that of Keerthan Kamala Krishnamoorthy, a young scientist with a mission to make safe drinking water more accessible. 

Krishnamoorthy developed an innovative app that can analyze a photo of a water sample and determine its safety for consumption. This project earned him a coveted spot at the highly anticipated 2023 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Dallas, Texas, where he will join eight other talented Canadian students in presenting his work on a global stage.

Annika Paliwal, Baljot Rai and Keerthan Kamala Krishnamoorthy accept their awards at the 2023 Bison Regional Science Fair.

Another exceptional project at the Bison Regional Science Fair was the work of Annika Paliwal.

Paliwal focused on utilizing computer games as a tool for diagnosing and treating dementia in its early stages. Through the development of coded games, she aimed to test associative memory and procedural memory, two crucial aspects of cognitive function. 

While the long-term results of her study are yet to be determined, Paliwal finds the preliminary outcomes very promising. Her dedication and passion were also acknowledged, as she was chosen to represent Team Bison at the upcoming Canada-Wide Science Fair hosted by Youth Science Canada.

In yet another impressive endeavour, Baljot Rai, a finalist from Team Bison, addressed the escalating problem of blue-green algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg. Rai’s project explored the use of shells from the province’s waterways to remove excess phosphorus from the lake, providing a potential solution to this ecological challenge.

Bison Science Fair creator Dr. Anju Bajaj with awardees Keerthan Kamala Krishnamoorthy, Annika Paliwal and Baljot Rai.

A bright future

The achievements of these young scientists and engineers have not gone unnoticed. Terry Duguid, the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South, expressed his optimism, stating, “The future is looking very bright in the hands of these young scientists and engineers.” 

Dr. Anju Bajaj echoed this sentiment. “The fair grows bigger every year. I’m already thinking about 2024. I can’t wait to see what the next generation of young students comes up with.”

SCWIST, as an Innovative Champion sponsor of the Bison Regional Science Fair, takes great pride in supporting and promoting the development of young scientific minds. By fostering curiosity, encouraging innovation, and providing a platform for showcasing talent, SCWIST aims to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in Canada.

The success of the Bison Regional Science Fair highlights the importance of providing opportunities for young students to explore and engage in STEM fields. Through their exceptional projects, Keerthan Kamala Krishnamoorthy, Annika Paliwal, Baljot Rai and their fellow participants have demonstrated the immense potential of scientific research to address real-world challenges and contribute to the betterment of society.

Helping young minds thrive

As SCWIST continues its commitment to empowering women in science and technology, it remains dedicated to supporting events like the Bison Regional Science Fair, where young minds can flourish, curiosity can thrive, and innovation can shape the future.

The inspiring achievements of these young scientists and engineers serve as a reminder that the possibilities are limitless when we invest in the curiosity and potential of our youth. Together, we can nurture their passion, encourage their inquisitiveness, and create a brighter future driven by scientific progress and innovation.

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