The XX Factor: Women in Science

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‘Science careers start with young girls.’

That’s the title of the Globe and Mail article by Caroline Alphonso, published Nov. 22 2012, which looks at strategies being used to attract more women into STEM fields, particularly technology based careers such as programming and designing.

The consensus of the women in STEM interviewed for the article, who are involved in a variety of projects to help attract girls to STEM (such as ‘Girls Learning Code’ Director, Laura Plant, and our very own VP of Programs, Sandy Eix), is that high school is too late. Encouraging and empowering girls to pursue technology based careers needs to start sooner.

Caroline goes on to illustrate a number of programs available to girls in Canada to encourage them in the pursuit of STEM careers. She also includes some very insightful comments from the women in STEM interviewed for the article on the perceptions of women in science, and how those perceptions need to change.

If you haven’t taken a look already, it’s a highly recommended read!

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