T-shirt by Tokyo Police Club To Support SCWIST

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Yellow Bird ProjectBuy a T-shirt, Support SCWIST

The Yellow Bird Project teamed up with Tokyo Police Club to design and sell T-shirts with proceeds going to SCWIST.  Below are excerpt from the Yellow Bird Project website.


Graham Wright of Tokyo Police ClubAbout the T-shirt: I came up with this shirt mostly because I wanted a shirt that looked like this and I figured this was a good way to get my hands on one. When it was finished, it looked kind of science-y to me, like one of those graphs that I don’t fully understand but try to appreciate anyway. Which describes my relationship with science in general – I’m the worst kind of layman, but damned if I’m not captivated and overwhelmed by the greatness of it all. Is there any more noble pursuit than searching for more understanding, than looking for answers to questions that most of us haven’t even thought to ask yet?

Because science is so great, and because I think we need it more than ever, I figured it made sense to choose a cause that would send more bright minds in that direction. So, voila, SCWIST! I can only hope they’ll repay me for this by saving me a spot on one of their secret spaceships that will save a select few from the apocalypse some day. -Graham Wright


Yellow Bird Project: a Montreal-based organization working with a range of indie rock musicians to create unique T-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians.

Tokyo Police Club: an indie rock band from Ontario. “Sounds to impress, stellar shirt design and a North American tour ensues with hot promise of perpetual betterment from these four Ontario lads.”


Thank you YBP and Tokyo Police Club for supporting SCWIST whose mission is to help women in science and technology!  And don’t worry, we will save you a spot on our secret spaceship if we ever built one.



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