SCWIST AGM – Save the date!

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Attention all SCWIST Members: Your presence is requested at the 31st SCWIST Annual General Meeting on June 18, 2012 6:00-9:00 PM (registration 5:45 PM) at the VGH Paetzold Theatre, 899 West 12th Ave. Vancouver.

In anticipation of the AGM, SCWIST is:

a) extending an open call for nominations to the Board of Directors (see below for more details)
b) extending an open call for nominations for Honourary Members (see below for details)
c) recruiting for its Board Development Committee, whose first task will be to act as the Nominations Committee preceding and into this year’s AGM (see below for details)

a) Open Call for Nominations:
We are looking for a few good people.
Please submit your name or suggest the names of other worthy members as nominees for election to our 10-member board. We are excited to welcome new members, and therefore expertise and ideas, to the 2012/2013 Board. Being elected to the board provides a chance to use your experience to help support SCWIST on a strategic and operational level and to learn from a team of supportive peers how to govern a national non-profit organisation. Additional perks? As an official representative of SCWIST along with being part of a well-connected team, there will be many opportunities to develop your own professional leads, find mentorship, gain practical experience and most of all, have pride in contributing to the accomplishments, history and future of SCWIST.

Please submit your nominations to the Board Development Committee, c/o by May 1, 2012.
Do not hesitate to contact us c/o with any questions regarding requirements of Directors once elected to the Board.

b) Open Call for Nominations for Honorary Members:
We are also looking for a few excellent supporters of women in science and technology.
We would like to recognise exceptional leadership to be nominated as honourary members and presented at the AGM on June 18, 2012. The names should be of persons who have made outstanding contributions to the objectives of SCWIST (promoting, encouraging and empowering women and girls in science, engineering and technology). A prospective honourary member must be nominated in writing by a member in good standing, must consent to being nominated, and must then be approved by two-thirds of members in attendance the AGM.

Please consider high profile, outstanding individuals who you think should be recognised by SCWIST.

Submit your nominations for honourary members to by May 1, 2012.
Do not hesitate to contact us c/o with any questions.

c) Recruiting for our Board Development Committee:
We are looking for the people who will help guide us through the upcoming elections and onwards through the year.
Are you interested in participating more actively with SCWIST? We are building a Board Development Committee. This committee’s first responsibility will be to help coordinate the upcoming nominations for the Board elections to occur in June. This is a wonderful opportunity to work in a supportive environment with two wise SCWIST founders, to learn about operations and to assist the Board in many activities throughout the year.

Please contact us immediately c/o in order to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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