Senior Digital Holography Researcher/Scientist (NOC Code-2111)

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$100,000.00 - $150,000.00 CAD per annum

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Research and Development · North Vancouver, British Columbia

ANGSTROM VISION INC. is seeking a permanent full-time Senior Digital Holography Researcher/Scientist to join our research and development team in North Vancouver, British Columbia. You will work within the R&D team to design, model, implement, research and develop digital holography technologies and 3D sensors/microscopes for a variety of applications such as defect inspection in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, advanced displays, lithium-ion batteries, nano-micro materials and micro-electronics parts. The ideal candidate will have expertise in ray tracing modelling, optical system design and simulation, diffractive optics, digital holography, lasers, incoherent illumination, spectrometer (hyperspectral camera), image processing and programming.

What You’ll Do:

As staff researcher, you will be responsible for analysis of industry requirements and idea generation of digital holography optical system configuration that will be required in the metrology industry through your accumulated knowledge and skillsets. You will design the system by brainstorming with team staff members about identifying parts, technologies and algorithms necessary for system configuration based on the characteristics analysis and requirements of the measurement samples provided by customers. When configuring the system in the design phase, customers’ unique measurement requirements that exceed the conventional parts specifications arise. In this situation, you may have to model, design and build customized parts along with a custom parts manufacturer. Accordingly, experiences with optical elements such as micro-objective design, diffusers including holographic elements, MEMS parts, chromatic lenses, SMF/MMF fibers, spatial light and micro-mirror modulator, polarization optics and spectrometer are considered strong assets. The researcher will develop innovative algorithms, implement in a programming language and experiment. The position heavily requires hands-on experiences in setting up optical hardware in laboratory work environments and iterative experiments to test the algorithm by tuning hardware. The researcher will contribute to our collective research by working with other researchers, engineers, and production specialists to improve and develop new digital holographic microscopy. The position involves versatile, creative thinking, inclusive teamwork, and detailed execution of R&D steps from product planning to completing the final product. You will report all the R&D status and results directly to the CEO.

Some of the Typical Duties and Responsibilities will Include:

• Lead Research and Development Team, analyze User requirements, map out a R&D Strategy, schedule R&D, construct a R&D budget and collaborate with the Business Development Team.
• Refine and redefine product specifications requested by customers.
• Study and select parts/components for optimal product design of holographic microscope and 3D sensor products. Design custom parts and work with product vendors to build the custom designed parts.
• Design digital holographic microscopes and other 3D sensors including lasers, optics, mechanics, electrical and electronic parts/components, camera, spectrometer and computer.
• Design and implement optical modeling/simulation software platform including libraries to prove specific algorithms to be used in the digital holography.
• Invent novel holography and image processing algorithms, implement and prove algorithms in MATLAB, Python and/or C/C++, tune and calibrate the holographic microscope system, and experiment, test, and analyze independently or with team staff.
• Research and develop film thickness measurement algorithms and libraries based on detailed system level analysis for multi-layered optical thin film stacks deposited on a semiconductor wafer and/or advanced OLED displays.
• Research and develop auto numerical refocusing algorithm, implement the algorithm in software and experiment based on the captured holograms for the measurement of high depth range.
• Research and develop novel single-shot-phase-shifting algorithms for on-axis systems.
• Collaborate with the machining and integration companies to make the prototyping microscopes, providing guidance with the tailored design parameters and data for the machining.
• Make a testbench-type digital holography prototype and engineering sample digital holography products by assembling and integrating the parts.
• Analyze data and effectively communicate results through technical reports and presentations.
• Actively contribute to intellectual property development interacting with a team of other researchers, software developers, and manufacturing specialists.
• Draw up documentation including product specifications, system drawings, bills of material, detailed design documents, white papers and seminar documents.

Minimum Qualifications and Skills Requirements:

• A PhD degree in Optics, Physics, Particle Physics, Medical Physics, Metrology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or relevant disciplines.
• Must have minimum 5+ years of scientific and applied research in digital holographic microscopy or industry-level experience in optical system design and optical 3D sensor product development.
• Must have extensive knowledge of optical design, modelling/simulation methods, physical optics, diffractive optics, phase and frequency modulators, Fiber optics, coherent/incoherent illuminations and spectrometers for innovative holography technology design and hybrid 3D sensor product development.
• In depth knowledge of code development and hands-on coding experiences in MATLAB or Python, or C/C++ is required.
• Demonstrated understanding of assumptions and pros/cons of simulating tools for optical system design.
• Experience realizing interfaces with camera and controllers with a computer either with USB or PCIe.
• Ability to be flexible and work in a fast-paced Startup environment.
• Must possess excellent communication skills in English and enjoy collaboration and cooperation with members of the team.

Preferred qualifications:

• A PhD degree in Optics, Physics, Particle Physics, Medical Physics, Metrology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or relevant disciplines with 6 years of industry-level digital holography and/or 3D sensor research and development experience is preferred.
• In-depth knowledge of image processing, speckle removal, artificial intelligence (AI) or meta-lens/meta-surface is desirable.
• Experience with end-to-end design and prototyping chain including parts selection, design, tolerancing, thermal control, vibration, environmental noises, proof-of-principle prototyping, test and troubleshooting, manufacturing evaluation, and optimization is desirable.

What You’ll Love About Us:

ANGSTROM VISION is an innovative and a growing start-up company with a positive and committed work culture. Our employees are inspired to do exceptional and innovative work, are proud to contribute to the success of the company and are our greatest asset.
We welcome and encourage applications from underrepresented populations; Indigenous peoples, racialized persons, people living with disabilities.

Our Benefits:
• ANGSTROM VISION Equity for qualified employees
• Retirement Savings Matching
• Health Insurance (medical and dental).
• Competitive paid time off policy; vacation, paid sick leave; personal days; flexible time off between Christmas day and New Year’s Day
• Casual dress code

About Us:

ANGSTROM VISION INC. is a start-up developing ultra high-performance digital holography products and solutions aiming at the metrology market in semiconductor, advanced displays, lithium-ion batteries, and more.

Through applied physics, optics and advanced design, we are pioneering a new class of digital holographic microscopy which have engineered properties that go beyond the super lateral resolution and ultra-high measurement height range that conventional digital holography microscopes could not perform.

Our focused technology encompasses three core capabilities: extremely high numerical aperture using ordinary micro-objective, ultra-high depth measurement range with single illumination source, and noise-free depth measurement performance in real-time. This allows us to enter into the nano-micro parts metrology and inspection market with ideal competitiveness at a reasonable cost than traditional 3D measurement solutions.

ANGSTROM VISION is particularly focusing on the technology and solution development for the defect inspection and quality control of semiconductor manufacturing and collaborating with some of the world’s leading companies. We make the digital holographic microscopy more accurate and robust in the harsh factory environment, and do more with less. Together with our partners, we go beyond what’s possible today by making the next digital holographic microscopy and 3D sensors that measure nano materials and semiconductor features at hyper speed.

Wage: Senior Digital Holography Researcher’s base salary shall be $100,000.00 – $150,000.00 CAD per annum in accordance with the capabilities. In addition to the base salary, the Board may award an annual bonus of up to 10.0% of the base salary to the Researcher following the end of each fiscal year during the employment period upon the company achieving certain operating targets as determined by the Board at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Terms of Employment: Permanent full-time
Location of Work: North Vancouver, British Columbia
Business Address: 2-831 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3K7
Language of Work: English

Application Instructions: To apply for this position, please email your CV and cover letter describing your relevant skills, credentials, and experiences.

Contact Information:
 Email: [email protected]
 Tel: 604-230-9799
 Mailing Address: 2-831 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3K7
 Website:

How to Apply

Application Deadline: 28/03/2023

Application Instructions: To apply for this position, please email your CV and cover letter describing your relevant skills, credentials, and experiences.

Contact Information:
 Email: [email protected]
 Tel: 604-230-9799
 Mailing Address: 2-831 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3K7
 Website: