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Project Overview
The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) and The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) are seeking a qualified independent consultant for the purposes of developing an evaluation framework and to evaluate the implementation of training and organizational consulting services across multiple Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) employers.

WomanACT and SCWIST are partnered to provide tailored support and training to help STEM
workplaces to prevent sexual harassment, develop comprehensive policy, establish trauma-informed reporting mechanisms, and develop avenues for resolution and referral pathways to support.
We are looking for a consultant or firm who is experienced with designing project evaluation
frameworks and working collaboratively across stakeholders to develop and implement tools that evaluate organizational training, policies, and practices.

Organization Background
WomanACT works to eradicate violence against women and advance gender equity. We have 29 years of experience bringing together key stakeholders in the community to identify pressing needs, develop systemic solutions and build the capacity across sectors to better address violence against women. WomanACT has experience delivering training, education, and support to community organizations and companies to increase their capacity to prevent, recognize, and respond to violence. In addition to training, WomanACT provides coaching and resources to support agencies and companies to improve their organizational policies and practices.

SCWIST was founded in 1981 as a not-for-profit association with the goal of encouraging and
advancing women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). SCWIST works to develop effective and supportive networks to help girls and women in their pursuit of careers in STEM with the vision of creating an environment where women and girls in Canada can pursue their interest, education, and careers in STEM without barriers.

Project Objectives
We are looking to hire a consultant or a firm to design the project’s evaluation framework and tools and to evaluate project activities. Our goal is to ensure that the evaluation framework is (a) traumainformed, (b) assesses for organizational culture change, and (c) is feasible for ongoing use by the partnering employers beyond the scope of the project.

Key evaluation deliverables:
 Design a project evaluation framework
 Develop a tracking and monitoring system
 Develop evaluation tools such as employer needs assessments
 Analyze evaluation data
 Generate aggregated and disaggregated reports on evaluation learnings

Proposal Requirements
Firm or Independent Consultant Information
Please provide the firm’s or individuals name, address, website and telephone number including information on the individual who will serve as primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm/work. Please include a summary of job title and experience of all key staff involved.

Please explain your project’s proposed theoretical framework and methodology.

Proposals should include a list of at least 3 references for similar projects.

Schedule, Timeline and Budget
Proposals should include the proposed work schedule, timeline and deliverables. The contract is expected to carry through the course of the full project timeline, from October 2021 to March 2024.
Up to $15,000 CAD (including tax) is assigned for work associated with the contract.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: 01/10/2021

Please submit questions and/or your proposal to Mallory Hilkewich, Manager of Training and Education at [email protected] by 5PM EST October 1, 2021.