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July 3, 2024 / École de technologie supérieure - Professor in Electrical Engineering

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Professor in Electrical Engineering

Professor in Electrical Engineering

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Job Description

L’École de technologie supérieur (ÉTS) is a rapidly evolving university in engineering and technology located in downtown Montreal. ÉTS offers undergraduate and graduate programs focused on Applied Engineering as well as state-of-the-art research infrastructure. ÉTS is also home to the Centech, a business incubator, offering support services for researchers wishing to commercialize their research.

By joining l’ÉTS, you will be joining a team of highly active professors and researchers in the school’s various research chairs, labs, institutes and groups. Your work will make a tangible contribution to scientific progress and the development of Quebec’s productivity and competitiveness, as well as the training of a highly qualified workforce.

What we offer :

• A start-up and an equipment fund to support your scientific career
• Financial support for research and teaching (supervision of student’s recognition, teaching credits, correction help, etc.)
• A personalized onboarding process
• A structure to promote your research as well as networking activities to make yourself known and help you recruit students.
• A work environment favorable to your career development, for both research and teaching.
• A mentor program for all faculty members offered at your arrival and throughout your career.
• Support for the immigration process and a relocation program for your family
• A full-course program to learn French.

Our electrical engineering department

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs that meet the needs of industry in the design of electrical, electronic, photonic and computer systems as well as their components. These programs are oriented towards computer systems, telecommunications, digital processing, industrial control, energy transport, vision and microelectronics. Faculty members lead numerous research projects, several of which are in close collaboration with industry, essentially around three major areas: power electronics and industrial control, telecommunications and microelectronics, and the field of imaging, vision and artificial intelligence.

About the Position
The ÉTS Department of Electrical Engineering is looking for professors with an engineering background and expertise related to one or more of the following areas. The research and teaching activities of selected candidates will join those already in place in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The desired person will be invited to collaborate with the department’s research laboratories to apply A.I. in areas such as power electronics, embedded systems, intelligent monitoring and control (GREPCI), health technologies (LATIS), telecommunications, photonics, nanomaterials, management and network technologies (LaCIME).
In terms of teaching, the person sought will be responsible for the development of new courses in the fields of machine learning and deep learning around the thematic axis on intelligent objects.
The department of electrical engineering wishes to develop the research theme of artificial intelligence applied to the field of electrical engineering, including deep federated learning.
Here are some examples of applications:
• Smart electricity networks: optimization of distribution networks, predictive maintenance, breakdown prediction, sensor-data processing
• Design and verification of microsystems assisted by AI.
• Cybersecurity: anomaly and intrusion detection and fault identification
• Processing of medical images and signals and diagnostic assistance
• Transportation and aerospace
• Embedded systems (Edge AI)

Transport Electrification
Applications are sought in the field of transport electrification. More specifically, the person sought must have one or other of the following sub-areas of expertise:
• Magnetic systems for transmission / clutch / braking / suspension
• Power management
• Wireless charging
• Other related topic relevant to the main subject area

Quantum Photonics
The department is a leader in the field of integrated photonics, telecommunication and optical networks, terahertz technologies, photonic sensors and optical fiber design within the Network Technologies Laboratory and the Communications and Microelectronics Integration Laboratory (LaCIME). ÉTS has a cutting-edge infrastructure including a quantum computer, clean rooms for micro/nano-manufacturing, additive manufacturing of optoelectronic components and an experimental optical telecommunication network.

Applications are requested with expertise related to the following themes:
• Quantum photonic sensors
• Entangled-photon and single-photon sources
• Single-photon detectors
• Photonic interface with qubits and qudits
• Telecommunication and quantum optical networks
• Quantum imaging

Control Theory
Applications are sought in the field of control theory such as linear and non-linear systems, adaptive control, advanced control or other specialties related to control.
The successful candidate will benefit from the support of several experts within the power electronics and industrial control research group (GREPCI) carrying out projects in robotics, aeronautics, energy management, electrical networks, and other emerging fields. or meeting current industry needs in electrical engineering.
They will also teach in field related to Electrical Engineering such as:
• Modeling of dynamic systems
• Servo control and control of linear and non-linear systems;
• Simulation (e.g. “hardware-in-the-loop”)
• Intelligent control
• Any other course proposal related to electrical engineering control

Job description
As part of the research team, the candidates sought will:
• Teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in fields related to electrical engineering;
• Mentor graduate students;
• Carry out funded, potentially interdisciplinary research projects with local, national and international partners;
• Develop a research program;
• Publish scientific articles;
• Complete grant applications, particularly those directed at NSERC and FQRNT.

• Hold or be about to obtain a Doctorate (PhD) in Electrical Engineering or in a relevant field for this position;
• Be a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) or be eligible to join the OIQ and undertake the necessary steps to become a member before submitting an application for full professorship;
• Have experience in conducting research in collaboration with industry or solid experience in industrial R&D;
• Demonstrate excellent skills related to training highly-qualified personnel through research projects and teaching;
• Be proficient in French (oral and written), in compliance with the ÉTS Language Policy (in French), or demonstrate a willingness to learn French and register to a French program with the support of ÉTS.

Start Date
Depending on the candidate’s availability

This is a tenure-track position. The process and benefits will be determined in accordance with the applicable collective agreement convention collective de l’Association des professeurs de l’ÉTS (APÉTS) .

Immigration Requirements
In compliance with the immigration requirements in effect in Canada, ÉTS invites all qualified individuals to apply. However, priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. When submitting an application, it is important to indicate whether you are able to work in Canada, so that the applicable immigration procedures can be planned accordingly.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: 08/09/2024

All applications will be processed in strict confidentiality.
ÉTS will take into account any leaves that may result in career interruptions or delays. Therefore, we encourage you to mention any such leave that may have affected your professional path. We will take this information into consideration when evaluating your application.
In case of a disability, we may offer accommodation measures during the hiring process.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application before 5:00 p.m. (EST) on September 8, 2024

Each application must include the information indicated below in a single PDF document, in the following order:
• An automated (dynamic) Table of Contents;
• A cover letter;
• Your curriculum vitae;
• A statement of your teaching objectives;
• Your research plan, including an indication of how your work complements the areas of research targeted by a department or research group at ÉTS;
• A sample of your research achievements (e.g.: recent scientific articles).
If you require more information, please contact You must submit a complete application for it to be considered. Only those candidates who are retained for an interview will be contacted.

To apply:
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Transport Electrification :
Quantum Photonics :
Control Theory :

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