Embedded Software Developer

Job Description

Zaber (www.zaber.com) is an innovative manufacturer of precision motion control equipment for applications such as photonics, biotechnology, aerospace, and semiconductor engineering. We have been developing cutting edge products for over twenty years, providing motion control solutions for industry and scientific research.

The Firmware team creates the next generation of motion control firmware, targeting high speed, high force applications which require nanometer level accuracy. Our products need to run in real-time, performing advanced signal processing, communication, and motor control, while minimizing complexity for end users. We’re looking for engineers who ask why and go out of their way to broaden their knowledge base. As an embedded developer at Zaber, you’ll work on projects critical to Zaber’s motion control product line.

We are looking for candidates with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to tackle challenging problems in fields such mechatronics, control systems, robotics, optics, and photonics. A great team is made of contributors with varying levels of experience and diverse strengths. Whether you’ve been writing firmware for 10 years or are a new grad, whether you’re a specialist who’s memorized the C++17 standard, or a generalist skilled at both implementation and management, we’re excited to hear how your particular strengths could enhance the Zaber Firmware Team.


In this position, you’ll work as part of a team to implement and expand the features used to control our actuators and stages. The work is varied, and you can expect to:

  • Design and implement features in C++ on an ARM microcontroller (you’ll be working on this API: www.zaber.com/protocol-manual).
  • Collect requirements from other teams (e.g. Customer Support, Mechanical, and/or Production) and use them to design new features.
  • Write unit and integration tests.
  • Research and deploy tools to manage our workflow.
  • Document code and firmware features for developers, internal users, and customers.


  • You have experience programming, and you are familiar with best development and testing practices.
  • You dig deep and seek to understand the fundamental concepts of whichever programming language you’re using.
  • As a bonus, you have experience programming in C or C++ and enjoy working with fairly low-level code.
  • You are excited to write software that makes things move in the real world.
  • You like problem solving, challenges, and the process of learning – you dive in when you see behaviour you don’t think makes sense.
  • You are enthusiastic about working on a team.
  • You pay attention to details and have thorough testing and documentation practices.
  • You likely have a computer science degree or engineering degree – new grads are welcome!
  • Be sure to let us know if you have experience with CI, DevOps, or control theory.
  • We’d also like to hear about any other skills you could contribute to our team.

COVID-19 Considerations

Employee safety is our top priority. Due to the pandemic, we currently have a mix of people working from home and working onsite, with those working onsite following the recommendations laid out by Worksafe BC. Currently the Firmware team works mostly from home, and team members take turns being on site to take care of any physical device setup needed by the team and be a point of face-to-face contact for other onsite teams.

About Us

At Zaber, we strive to create an open, friendly, and high-achieving work environment. This is an opportunity to exercise your talents and creativity, both in your work and personal projects: you will have access to our R&D and manufacturing facilities, including a high-tech machine shop, wood shop, laser cutter, 3d printers, plus many other tools, and the people who know how to use them.

Some aspects of Zaber that our employees especially enjoy include the people, the sense of community, flexible hours, level of employee engagement, and opportunities to learn. As we grow, we continue to foster a small company attitude by encouraging everyone to chip in where needed, cross-training across teams, and providing opportunities for growth into new roles and disciplines.

Some benefits our employees appreciate include:

  • Personal Health Spending Account covering medical, dental, and paramedical expenses with coverage beginning the day you start at Zaber
  • Profit sharing: Zaber reserves a percentage of our revenue for bonuses to all employees as well as dividends for employee shareholders each year
  • Paid personal time off to cover things like medical appointments or childcare, as well as paid sick days
  • A flexible work schedule
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Research and document support for work permit and permanent residency applications, if needed and eligible

Last, but not least, our office has several friendly dogs.

Find out directly from our employees what it’s like to work at Zaber by visiting our Glassdoor profile: http://tinyurl.com/zaber-at-glassdoor

Apply here: https://grnh.se/3f6cccce2us