Event Recap: SFU & UBC Brown Bag – Make Possible

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SCWIST Brown Bag Lunch Series

Make Possible Mentoring Workshops

Date of Event: Feb 26 @ SFU; Mar 5 @UBC

Speakers: Cheryl Kristiansen and Gwen Gnazdowsky

Graduate students recently participated in Make Possible Mentoring Workshops held at UBC and SFU as part of the SCWIST Brown Bag Series.  Gwen Gnazdowsky from One Conversation led a hands-on workshop on how to create successful mentoring relationships including interactive group discussions and networking exercises to build a sense of community and collaboration.   There will be more Mentoring Workshops by Gwen later this spring and summer, and we will be sharing her mentoring tips and strategies on the Make Possible website soon.  The next WinSETT Leadership Workshop will be April 30th on “How to Navigate the Politics of the Workplace”.   Register here.

Project Manager Cheryl Kristiansen also provided an update on Make Possible at the Brown Bag Series Workshops.  She demonstrated how easy is to to sign up for Make Possible online – to find a mentor, be a mentor, share skills and learn to connect, collaborate and lead.    More mentors and mentees are joining Make Possible every day – and our network is expanding coast to coast.  You can sign up now at  http://www.makepossible.ca

For more details on the SFU Brown Bag Workshop, see Emma’s post.


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