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The STEMinist Treasure Hunt

As part of NSERC Science Odyssey 2021, SCWIST hosted the STEMinist Treasure Hunt, a captivating science-themed event that ran from May 11th to May 14th. Spanning four days, this live event featured a different hands-on science activity each day, guiding participants closer to solving the treasure hunt.

Exciting Daily Activities

Each day’s activity presented a new challenge:

  • Cracking Codes: Participants used the periodic table of elements to decode clues.
  • 교량 건설: They constructed bridges to test their engineering skills.
  • 정전기 : Static electricity was employed to reveal the hidden treasure chest.
  • Woodpecker Anatomy: Learning about woodpecker anatomy helped unlock the final treasure.

All activities utilized easily accessible household materials, making the event both fun and practical. Additionally, participants received a bonus activity video on COVID-19.

Wide Reach and Bilingual Support

Over 2,000 children aged 8-12 from schools across Canada, including as far as Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories, participated in the treasure hunt. To accommodate those unable to join live, pre-recorded videos were made available.

Special thanks to Irina Kostko, SCWIST Quebec Chapter Advisor Dr. Maritza Jaramillo, and their dedicated team for extending the program to French-speaking schools. The event was expertly organized by Vaishnavi Sridhar, Acting Director of Youth Engagement, and her incredible team of volunteers from the Youth Engagement Committee, Events Committee, Quebec Chapter, Manitoba Chapter, and other general volunteers.

진심 어린 감사

The event received enthusiastic feedback from both kids and teachers, with many expressing appreciation for the engaging and educational experience provided during the pandemic. Thank you to everyone involved for making this a memorable and impactful event!

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