Jazz Bamra, 2011-2012 Director, Fundraising

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Jazz holds a B.Sc. in cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. She has attended numerous networking events, gaining valuable contacts that will assist her with her educational and career goals. She has also gained numerous contacts that she keeps in touch with on a regular basis.

Due to her strong background in communication/interpersonal skills she has obtained a substantial amount of networking experience. As the Director of fundraising for SCWIST, her goals include increasing organisational funds that support the IWIS and ms infinity programs as well as gaining community support. Whether contacting local businesses for donations to use as door prizes for our events or gaining corporate sponsorship for our organisation, Jazz enjoys building a repertoire with prestigious organisations and expanding our cliental. She enjoys public speaking and working in a team-oriented environment to achieve company goals.

During her free time she enjoys the fine arts; attending plays, operas and orchestra productions, music festivals/concerts, and cultural events. Her true passion lies in dancing. With over 15 years of dance experience and performing on stage at community cultural events, Jazz has taught various styles of dance to both children and adults. Other hobbies include aerobics, Bikram’s yoga, shopping, and eating.

Jazz is always looking to expand her networks by attending various seminars/events, challenging herself by taking on prestigious roles with various organisations, and keeping up-to-date with the fast-paced society; whether taking a course to freshen up her skills or learn new ones, or attending a workshop to gain knowledge in an area of interest. Expand and grow is her motto! Jazz’s confidence always leads to determination and success.

Current position: Project Manager at Maxxam Analytics; a possible career change would require pursuing a Master’s degree in either business (MBA) or public health (MPH); a career that will allow her to speak to audiences whether in a government, university, community, or corporate environment.

Contact: sponsorship@scwist.ca

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