Janny Marie , Director Strategic Development

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Janny Marie earned her Master and PhD degrees in stem cell biology from the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Hagedorn Research Institute (Denmark). She moved to Vancouver for the adventure of working and living abroad. Here, she works as a Scientific Support Representative at STEMCELL Technologies Inc. In this job, she helps scientists and students obtain better results and troubleshoots when experiments don’t go as planned.

Janny Marie is passionate about communicating science to people of all walks of life, and the advancement of equal opportunities and breaking down barriers to achieve such. With SCWIST, she works on our strategic development in making PR material and building partnerships.

Being from a country without any mountains, Vancouver blew her mind when Janny Marie first came here with a couple of suitcases and a couple of skis. Apart from skiing, she manages a U7 soccer team and explores patio-‘gardening’.

You can reach Janny Marie at director-strategicdevelopment[@]scwist[.]ca

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