International Equal Pay Day: Awareness and Action

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SCWIST Project Manager Cheryl Kristiansen recently participated in an International Equal Pay Day event on September 18th to create awareness and encourage action towards pay equity. The Lean In Canada event included presentations from Canada’s Pay Equity Commissioner Karen Jensen on the new Pay Equity Act, along with group discussions to examine the relevance of pay equity in the post-Covid 19 world and develop strategies for action.

While there has been some progress towards pay equity in Canada, much work remains to be done. The gender pay gap in Canada is 11% and regional data shows some parts of the country well below that average – including BC and Alberta with a 14% gender pay gap. The pay gap is even larger we look through an intersectional lens at other underrepresented groups including BIPOC, new immigrants, LGBTQ+ community and women living with disabilities.

What can you do?

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