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Presidents Blog: December 2013

Season’s Greetings SCWIST Community! As I settle into my December routine of gift shopping, sugar cookie baking and getting together with family and friends, I can’t help but think about t… Read More

Interview with the President of SCWIST for International Innovation

Established in the 1980s, when there was a dire need for the promotion of women in the science and technology sectors, SCWIST continues to work towards equal representation for women in Canada. Rosine… Read More

Presidents Blog: November 2013

A Note about Mentorship How many of you have had really amazing managers who were actually less of a boss and more of a mentor? I can recall a few but one such memorable manager used to give me a lot… Read More

Presidents Blog: October 2013

Hello SCWIST! Fall has arrived, meaning our schedules are now packed with everything from work, new projects, school, and events. Summer was spent outside, relaxing with friends or enjoying a book on… Read More

Presidents Blog: August 2013

Dear SCWIST Community, Happy Summer! July has gone by way too fast, and I find the fabulous weather slipping away before I can enjoy it. So why can’t I slow down? I’m too excited about SCW… Read More

The President’s Blog

Empowering women since 1981 I still recall my first scientific conference almost eight years ago and a feeling of total isolation upon realizing I was the only woman in the room. It was in that moment… Read More

The President’s Blog

Jan 2013 Hello SCWIST Members and Friends, Happy NEW YEAR!!! “We look at the present through a rear view mirror; we walk backwards into the future” This one of my favourite Marshall McLuhan quotes and… Read More