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Discover 11 Habits Towards Optimum Energy and Time Management

How many of you have said or thought one of these things: I’m tired all the time. I really need sleep. I’ve tried that before, but I have too much going on. I’m not a morning person.… Read More

Élections provinciales québécoises 2022

Nous encourageons toujours nos membres à participer en période d’élections. L’un de nos objectifs est de les tenir au courant des questions qu’ils jugent importantes. Pour cette raison,… Read More

Performing a Life Audit with a Habit and Health Coach

On August 17th, SCWIST hosted a life audit workshop with Habit and Health Coach Amritha Premasuthan. Amritha works with professionals who don’t find time for themselves. Or may have lost thei… Read More

Women In Math: Maryam Mirzakhani, Winner of the Fields Medal

Science Literacy Week is almost upon us, and we are beyond excited that the theme this year is mathematics! To celebrate, we are offering FREE math-based workshops for students throughout Canada (more… Read More

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Implementation Workshop

On July 25th, Jillian Climie and Sophie Warwick, co-founders of The Thoughtful Co., walked us through how to implement an Employee Resource Group (ERG), delivering an easy-to-follow action plan to equ… Read More

Welcoming women to Web3 at F3STIVAL

During the weekend of July 9th and 10th, F3 Ventures welcomed 1000+ women to Web3 at F3STIVAL, a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain te… Read More

Learning and Connecting at the 2022 SCWIST Annual Career Fair

On June 3, 2022, SCWIST welcomed more than 400 attendees and 18 organizations from across Canada to our virtual Annual Career Fair! Our day-long event, generously sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies… Read More

Celebrating STEAM with Science Odyssey 2022

Written by Pooja Moorti, ms infinity Coordinator Every year in May, hundreds of science outreach leaders deliver fun, engaging and inspiring activities to Canadians of all ages — including SC… Read More

Event Recap: Quantum Leaps – Diverse Careers in STEM

SCWIST’s Youth Engagement team is currently delivering a series of technology-focused Quantum Leaps – conference-style events where high school girls can learn about and explore careers in… Read More

Event Recap: Quantum Leaps Conference Series – Where Environment Meets Tech Careers

Written by Akanksha Chudgar, and Camila Castaneda, SCWIST Communications and Events Coordinator. Edited by Ashley van der Pouw Kraan, SCWIST Communications and Events Coordina… Read More