Author: Blake Ouellet

Your academia experience is an asset in industry!

Edna Matta-Camacho PhD, Research Associate, Carleton University Recently, I had a unique opportunity and experience of transitioning from academia to industry. It was unexpectedly a positive and en… Read More

The Invisibility of Women of Colour in STEM

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Nowadays we see a lot of talk concerning the lack of of women in STEM fields: it is an unfortunate reality that we must wo… Read More

Researching the global thermometer: Martine Lizotte’s excursion to the Arctic

Photo of the team members on the first expedition. Starting from the 9 o’clock position: Thomas Bossé-Demers, Caroline Guilmette, Marine Béguin, Martine Lizotte, Laurent Oziel and Bennet Juhls. (Photo… Read More

SCWIST: A Distinguished Past and Growing into the Future

Compiled from the works of Nadine Nakagawa (2014), Joelle Ingrao (2014) and archived emails SCWIST members present at the Annual General Meeting, 2019. Left to right: front row- Kelly Marciniw, pre… Read More

SCWIST: Expanding Horizons since 1981, reflections on our 30th year anniversary (2014)

L-R: Ms. Fariba Pacheleh, Director of Strategic Development, Society forCanadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST); Maria Issa, Past President ofSCWIST; MP Weston; Minister Leitch; MP Wai Young… Read More

Opportunities For All Who Dare: Kameela Razack

By R.J. Nelson, Toronto Kameela Razack Science, Tech, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields of study and employment offer ever-increasing career opportunities. However, there exist several… Read More

Wendy Fang: SCWIST Ms. Infinity Education Scholarship Science Fair Winner

Hello! My name is Wendy and I am a grade 10 student from the Greater Vancouver Region of British Columbia. I’ve recently come back from an unforgettable week at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. At the… Read More

Where are all of the female winners of Nobel prizes?

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Kassandra Burd In 2018, Donna Strickland was awarded the Nobel Prize for her outstanding contribution to the field of physi… Read More

One To Look Out For: Catherine Burns’ Innovative Contributions to the Advancement of Systems Design Engineering

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Dr. Catherine Burns is a professor of Systems Design Engineering and Executive Director of the Centre for Bioengineering a… Read More

Growing as an Energetic Girl

by Edna Matta-Camacho, Research Associate, Carleton University Image: “The powerful kick of a Women”​ Edna Matta-Camacho All my memories back when I was a child don’t have a gender gap. I gre… Read More