Month: May 2022

CCWESTT 2022 – Bold Actions to Accelerate Systemic Change

Members of the SCWIST team recently joined over 300 STEM leaders and organizations from across Canada to participate in the CCWESTT 2022 bi-annual conference held in Halifax. SCWIST is an active… Read More

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

The 41st SCWIST AGM will be held on Wednesday, June 22 from 4:30-7:30pm. The event will take place on Zoom. All members and interested individuals are welcome to attend. The following are exampl… Read More

Safe STEM Workplaces Literature Review

Written by Amanda Mack. Although the recent #MeToo movement has led to an increase in awareness of gender-based and sexual harassment, it continues to remain a significant issue today in Canada’s… Read More

Mental Self-Care for Mamas with Careers

Written by Ashley van der Pouw Kraan We all know mothers do a hundred different things for their families every day. They find time to play with the kids, finish the chores, exercise, meal plan, gr… Read More