Month: September 2019

Girls to the Power of Math

By Alexa Bailey (This article explains a bit about my research and how my girl-to-girl math mentoring program, Girls to the Power of Math, came about.) Alexa Bailey, Girls to the Power of Math… Read More

WISDOM is Power at the University of Manitoba

By Abigail Plantinga Byle Wisdom in Science: Development, Outreach (WISDOM) promotes and supports women in science and technology at the University of Manitoba. WISDOM worksto increase gender diver… Read More

Limitations of the Gender Equality Paradox

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Kassandra Burd It’s completely sensible to think that if only we lived in a more gender-equal nation, there would be more w… Read More

WAGE Minister Monsef Meets SCWIST & Community Partners to Advance Gender Equality Across Canada!

STEM Expertise and Strength in Numbers:  SCWIST Past Presidents with Minister Monsef (L to R) : Hiromi Matsui, Hilda Ching, Minister Monsef, Fariba Pacheleh, Christine Wiedemann, Maria Issa and Penny… Read More