Month: April 2019

The Gender Hierarchy Problem in Psychology

by Kassandra Burd When people think of the field of Psychology, they may be aware that the majority of students who major in this discipline are female; it would only make sense to assume that both ac… Read More

Alexandra Nestertchouk & HopKidz: Giving parents flexible childcare options to fit their lifestyles

Alexandra Nestertchouk (Photo Credit: Maxine Bulloch) When Alexandra Nestertchouk had her son, her life drastically shifted to be able to take care of him on his schedule. There were… Read More

Vienna Lam: finalist, Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award

SCWIST is proud to announce that Vienna Chichi Lam, Board Member and Director for Youth Outreach, has been chosen as one of the Top 75 Canadian Immigrants. She is now a finalist for the Top… Read More

Space with coffee: Kate Howells on her passion for science

Book co-written by Kate Howells (image courtesy of Kate Howells and Kristina Desimini) Every coffee table book has its eye-catching element and for Space is Cool as Fuck, its uniqueness is rig… Read More