Month: February 2013

How to Meet People and Get a Job

“You can have the best résumé in the world but never get an interview. You can write the best English but no employer replies. Why not? It’s all about meeting people. It’s all about who knows you.” …… Read More

Maria Issa, Past President

Maria Gyongyossy-Issa is a “seasoned” member of Pathology who has long enjoyed teaching anyone from kindergarten kids to PhD students and Residents and all comers in between.  Though she started in Mi… Read More

EVENT RECAP – BrownBag session: Mentoring in January 2013

January is not only the month to start fresh into a new year and make resolutions, it is as well National Mentoring Month. Started at Harvard University in 1997 and formally put in place by the U.S. i… Read More


The BrownBag Series is a monthly event organized by the Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) whose purpose is to provide a place for learning and discussion of topics to help w… Read More

Creating Connections – Working Together to Transform Our World

Creating Connections is a conference to support and enable a meaningful dialogue about the role of women in science, engineering, and technology, and to build capacity for individuals and organization… Read More