Month: October 2012

Why is everyone so afraid of the “F” word?

by Julie Wong Being on the board of a women’s professional group and often also referred to as a “feminist” group, a loaded term that conjures negative associations. Although I fully support the endea… Read More

Message from the President

Hello SCWIST and Friends… Out with the old and in with…. the even older! Hello – I’m Maria Gyongyossy-Issa; SCWIST’s current president – and if it feels like ‘déjà vu’ for you – it is because you’re a… Read More

Discover MITACS, unique research and training programs

Are you looking for your first opportunity in the Canadian industry? If you are a current or potential graduate student or post-doctoral fellow, please join this IWIS event with MITACS. In 2010-2011,… Read More

SCWIST Members in the News: Time for women to explore new career horizons

Anna Stukas, Past President of SCWIST was invited to give the keynote speech at the Minerva Foundation WomenIn™ Education Awards Lunch at the end of September and was subsequently asked to write an op… Read More

SCWIST BrownBag Lunch Meeting

The BrownBag Series is a monthly event organized by the Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) whose purpose is to provide a place for learning and discussion of topics to help w… Read More

October 2012: “Junk DNA” is not junk

DNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid that is arranged into chromatins, in which the DNA is structurally compacted by proteins.  DNA carries genetic information of all known living organis… Read More

Personal Branding Workshop Series – Fall Session

Title:The Art of Negotiation Ready to clinch the deal? How to dissect your contract of offer? How to research on fair compensation? Do you know the inside rules of counter-offering? What do HR/emplo… Read More

Building an Online Profile to Benefit your Academic Career

By Jane O’Hara Creating your own online presence can have many benefits: first of all, it has evolved into a modern resume or CV, where all your educational and employment information can be vie… Read More